Simply Shaker Doesn’t Mean Shaker Furniture is Always the Same If you frequent our blog, you’re probably an expert in Shaker Style Furniture. One thing I’ve noticed about Shaker Furniture is how easily stereotyped it is. I’ve come to notice when people think of Shaker style furniture, they think of plain and simple furniture. They… Continue reading

Refresh Your Bedroom This Spring With New Solid Wood Furniture This Spring, say no to boring. Say no second hand. And, most importantly say no to discomfort. Should you spend one more night in an uncomfortable bed? Does is squeak at any slight movement? Does your dresser mismatch your nightstand? If you answered No to… Continue reading

  Handcrafted in Vermont, Contemporary Copeland Bedroom Furniture Just For You Eye catching, upscale and sustainably made, Copeland Furniture has made a name for itself with contemporary and modern designs. From a subtle tweak to a classic style to true statement pieces, Copeland creates something for everyone. This blog is written by your friends at… Continue reading

For Two Weeks Save on Handcrafted Vermont Made Bedroom Furniture Not just made in America. Our furniture is made in Vermont. We’re a small state making a big statement about American craftsmanship and sustainability. In a time where you may not know and most likely don’t know where your furniture originated from, our work is even… Continue reading

Sleep tight during our November Bedroom Sale We’ve officially entered the Holiday Season. We’ve all probably seen stores already decked out with holiday gear for months now. But, now that we’ve entered November, it’s finally socially acceptable for us to get into the spirit, too! This blog is written by your friends at Vermont Woods… Continue reading