What is Arts & Crafts Furniture? Simple, graceful, and handmade: that’s the essence of the American Arts & Crafts furniture style.  The Arts & Crafts (or Craftsman) philosophy, which became popular over a century ago, grew out of a rejection of complicated Victorian era designs produced by industrial processes.  People were rediscovering an appreciation for… Continue reading

Our President’s Day furniture sale will start this Friday and I have some good news for Copeland Furniture fans. For the first time (and possible the only time) we are able to offer a discount on Copeland bedroom furniture! The Copeland President’s Day sale starts Feb 13 and continues for over 2 weeks until March… Continue reading

Defining “Miami Modern” Inspired by the Miami Modernist architecture movement of the mid-twentieth century, this style contrasted simple organic design with trendy materials. “It was a popular response to the various modernist and post world war architectural movements that were taking place in other parts of the world, adding glamour, fun, and material excess to… Continue reading

Simple is beautiful, and for Shaker furniture– this is true down to the very last detail. Shaker furnishings are world renowned for their timeless simplicity and practicality. While only a few “real” Shakers remain today, their legacy for handcrafted furniture will live on forever. Their simplistic handiwork has become a standard for high quality American… Continue reading

Update Your Space Affordably with our Bedroom Furniture Sale Our January bedroom furniture sale starts now! If you’re finally ready to treat yourself to the bedroom of your dreams, stop by and check out the discounts and savings. You deserve a great bed! Furnish or update your bedroom with our 100% American Made, real wood furniture. With our… Continue reading