So Many Choices! Walnut, cherry, maple, oak, birch, ash, poplar, rubberwood, mango wood, mahogany, eucalyptus, Brazilian cherry, teak. These are just a few of the woods you’ll find when shopping for hardwood bedroom furniture. So how to choose and what difference does it make? We’ve decided less is more. Already following our Blog? For more info… Continue reading

Simply Shaker Doesn’t Mean Shaker Furniture is Always the Same If you frequent our blog, you’re probably an expert in Shaker Style Furniture. One thing I’ve noticed about Shaker Furniture is how easily stereotyped it is. I’ve come to notice when people think of Shaker style furniture, they think of plain and simple furniture. They… Continue reading

  Handcrafted in Vermont, Contemporary Copeland Bedroom Furniture Just For You Eye catching, upscale and sustainably made, Copeland Furniture has made a name for itself with contemporary and modern designs. From a subtle tweak to a classic style to true statement pieces, Copeland creates something for everyone. Already following our Blog? For more info sign… Continue reading