Caitlin Burch working glass with a torch (Lampwork).
Putney Artist Caitlin Burch working glass with a torch (Lampwork).

Southern Vermont is sometimes overlooked. It’s hard to “compete” against the north, with all of the amazing food and fun that you can find in Burlington, Montpelier, Woodstock and all of the other great Northern Vermont towns. While I don’t think that it’s fair to call it competition, I do believe that you will find that Vermont experience you are looking for, right here in the south! Southern Vermont has many great events that are worth a trip, especially for those who love Vermont craftsmanship and artisan work.

One might not expect a rural Vermont town to have a vibrant arts community– but it is places like Putney that lead the way for a flourishing arts scene in Southern Vermont. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday (November 29th-Decmeber 1st) you have the opportunity to meet some of Vermont’s most prominent artists at the 35th annual Putney Craft Tour!


detail of hand-dyed fabric hanging by Carlene Raper
Detail of hand-dyed fabric hanging by Carlene Raper


The Putney craft tour is the artisan lovers dream– with a plethora of different mediums to learn about and explore; from woodwork, to quilting, to glass work, pottery, painting, handmade jewelery, and more!

This is a wonderful Vermont travel destination, where you have the opportunity to enjoy the simple pleasures of driving through the back roads of Southeastern Vermont at your own pace. Spend an hour, spend a whole day, or spend the whole weekend learning about & enjoying the unique works of art at each studio. This experience of exploration is a reason to travel in itself. You may not find a friendlier and more welcoming community of artists anywhere else!

Putney is only a short drive away from us here at Stonehurst, and we’d love to invite you to visit us and see some of the eclectic artisan furniture pieces & original artwork, that we have in our showroom!

To learn more about the Putney Craft Tour, visit their website or connect with them on Facebook.

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